Agri Tourism In Shark Tank India - Episode 1

Agri Tourism featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 1. Agri Tourism is a tourism-based startup that focuses on providing real agriculture experience. The founder of this brand are Pandurang Taware, from Pune, Maharashtra, India. She had asked for ₹50 Lakhs against 5% share of the company in Shark Tank India.

Heart of My Sleeve Shark Tank India Update!

​Company Name

Agri Tourism


Pandurang Taware





Asked For

₹50 Lakhs against 5%

Final Deal

No investment




Season 1 Episode 1

Net Worth

₹11.5 Lakhs



Agri Tourism got featured in Shark Tank India Season 1
Agri Tourism featured in Shark Tank India

Journey of Agri Tourism to Shark Tank India.

About Agri Tourism

Agri Tourism works to enhance the traveller’s experience and to showcase the true beauty of India. This unique startup combines a combination of agriculture, and rural setting and provides a unique tourism experience in agriculture. This business is beneficial for both farmers and tourists. Agri Tourism charges ₹5000 for one person. Its valuation is estimated to be around Rs. 10 Crores. At present, 50 employees are working in this company, which is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra.

Agri Tourism Founder

Agri Tourism Founder is Pandurang Taware.
Agri Tourism Founder: Pandurang Taware

Pandurang Taware is the founder of Agri Tourism, who started this unique tourism concept. Pandurang and his wife have been running this business since 2003. Founder belongs to computer background, he has completed computer degree in Pune.

Why did Agri Tourism not got investment from Shark Tank India.

  • Business model not appealing to investors.

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