Booz In Shark Tank India- Episode 1

Booz featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 1. Booz is an app based electric scooter which is first of its kind in South Asia. The founder of this brand is Rutvij Dasadia, from Gujarat, India. He had asked for 40 lakhs against 15% share of the company in Shark Tank India.

Booz Shark Tank India Update!

​Company Name



​Rutvij Dasadia


Two Wheeler



Asked For

₹40 Lakhs against 15%

Final Deal

₹40 Lakhs against 50%


​Vineeta Singh & Ashneer Grover


Season 1 Episode 1

Net Worth

₹2.6 Crores



Booz got featured in Shark Tank India
Booz In Shark Tank India

Journey of Booz to Shark Tank India.

About Booz

Booz is an app based electric scooter that got featured in the Shark Tank India episode. It is South Asia’s first app based electric scooter that provides the user with a great travel experience at a sustainable price. The founder Rutvij Dasdia asked for Rs. 40 Lakhs for 15% equity, which was finally closed at Rs. 40 Lakhs for 50% equity by sharks Vineeta Singh and Ashneer Grover.

Booz Founder

Rutvij Dasadia Booz is the Founder of Booz featured in Shark Tank India.
Rutvij Dasadia Booz: Founder Booz

Rutvij Dasadia is the founder of Booz and is an engineer. He completed his bachelor’s degree in 2015 from Gujarat Technological University. He has also been a member of SAEINDIA. He has been a recipient of the coveted Top 500 CEOs Awards. In 2020, he designed Agile Meats from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

Why did Booz got investment from Shark Tank India.

  • Booz is one such unique startup that offers electric scooter rentals at all places like business parks, Commercial Park, Residential areas, Industry Areas, Education Campus, Tourist spots, Public spots, hotels, clubs etc.

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