JhaJi In Shark Tank India - Episode 4

Updated: Jan 26

JhaJi featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 4. JhaJi is a startup that focuses on providing home made traditional pickles and chutneys to the customers. The founder of this brand are Kalpana and Uma, from Bihar, India. They had asked for ₹50 Lakhs against 10% share of the company in Shark Tank India.

JhaJi Shark Tank India Update!

​Company Name



Kalpana and Uma


Food Industry



Asked For

₹50 Lakhs against 10%

Final Deal

Not Invested




Season 1 Episode 4

Net Worth

₹5 Crores


JhaJi Pickles got featurted in Shark Tank India
JhaJi Pickles got featurted in Shark Tank India

Journey of JhaJi to Shark Tank India.

About JhaJi

JhaJi is a pickle based startup that started its operations in October 2020. They use local spices and traditional recipes to prepare the pickle. Most of their products get sold in Bihar, and they have recently started selling pickles online. They are making their presence felt in other regions as well with their unique flavors and combinations of pickles.

JhaJi Founder

Kalpana and Uma, founders of JhaJi Pickles
Kalpana and Uma, founders of JhaJi Pickles

Jhaji falls under Mithila Pickles & Chutneys Pvt. Ltd. Company. Kalpana and Uma together founded JhaJi Pickles. They have a vision of providing 500+ jobs to women in 2022-2023, and to expand their customer base to 1,00,000 customers.

Pickles is something, that i don't eat, for this reason i am out. - Namita Thapar, Shark

Why did JhaJi did not get investment from Shark Tank India.

  • Business was still in nascent stage and can be further expanded

  • High competition in the domain.

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