NOCD In Shark Tank India - Episode 3

NOCD featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 3. NOCD is a startup that focuses on providing soft drinks to the customers that is claimed to be a no carbs drink. The founder of this brand are Siddharth Mishra & Vinay Kumar, from Bangalore, India. She had asked for ₹50 Lakhs against 2% share of the company in Shark Tank India.

NOCD Shark Tank India Update!

​Company Name



Siddharth Mishra & Vinay Kumar


Energy Drinks



Asked For

₹50 Lakhs against 2%

Final Deal

₹20 Lakhs against 15% Equity & ₹30 Lakhs Debt


Vineeta Singh


Season 1 Episode 3

Net Worth

₹25 Crores


NOCD featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 3
NOCD featured in Shark Tank India

Journey of NOCD to Shark Tank India.

About NOCD

NOCD is a sugar-free drink which contains zero carbs, which contains Branched chain Amino acids, which are extremely good for health. This startup was founded in Bangalore and has a store presence of about 1100 stores and is also sold on E-commerce websites. They originally asked for Rs. 50 Lakhs for 2% equity, which was finally closed by Vineeta Singh at Rs. 20 Lakhs for 15% equity and 30 Lakhs debt.

NOCD Founder

NOCD Founders are Siddharth Mishra & Vinay Kumar.
NOCD Founders: Siddharth Mishra & Vinay Kumar

NOCD was founded by Siddharth Mishra & Vinay Kumar. Siddharth Mishra is the CEO of the company. NOCD drink comes under Joules Heath.

Why did NOCD got investment from Shark Tank India.

  • Great market product fit.

  • Unique product valuation.

  • Strong presence in 1100+ stores across India.

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