Qzense Labs In Shark Tank India - Episode 3

Qzense Labs featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 3. Qzense Labs is a startup that focuses on manufacturing manufactures fresh food detection devices. The founder of this brand are Rubal Chib and Srishti Batra, from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. She had asked for ₹1 Crore against 0.25% share of the company in Shark Tank India.

Qzense Labs Tank India Update!

​Company Name

Qzense Labs


Rubal Chib and Srishti Batra





Asked For

₹1 Crore against 0.25%

Final Deal

Not Invested




Season 1 Episode 2

Net Worth

₹70 Crores


Qzense Labs got featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 3
Qzense Labs featured in Shark Tank India

Journey of Qzense Labs to Shark Tank India.

About Qzense Labs

Qzense Labs is a Bengaluru, Karnataka-based startup that builds next-gen IoT solutions for food management. This device is a Q-Scan –Near-Infrared-based handheld scanner that checks for the freshness of food. This startup is one of its kind and with its unique technology, soon it could become the next big thing.

Qzense Labs Founder

Qzense Labs featured in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 3. Founders of Qzense Labs are Dr. Srishti Batra, Rubal Chib.
Founders of Qzense Labs: Rubal Chib, Dr. Srishti Batra
  • Qzense Labs is a fresh food solution device that started in Karnataka. The co-founder and CEO of this startup are Rubal Chib and the other co-founder & CTO is Srishti Batra. Both of them have built today’s million-dollar business through their knowledge and intelligent ideas.

  • Rubal Chib did her 12th Science studies at Army Public School, Amritsar. In 2012 she Completed her B.Tech from RBIET. After her graduation, she used to work as an R&D engineer in a stealth-mode startup. In 2015, she was an R&D Engineer at Cube26, where she worked as Project Lead. She also served as Senior Engineer in Havells India Ltd. in 2017.

The other co-founder Dr. Srishti Batra completed her master’s degree from IISER Mohali and completed her Ph.D. from National Center for Biological Sciences.

I don't have any expertise in Food-Tech, so I am Ooutt. But I wish you all the best! - Namita Thapar, Shark

Why did Qzense Labs not got investment from Shark Tank India.

  • Not convinced by high valuations of the company.

  • Not enough confidence in founders.

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